My  little family breeding  dogs are composed of Teacups,Tiny Toys, Toys ,Miniatures  poodles.
All my dams and sires where choosen for their  size standards, their temperament, their intelligence , beauty and poodle standard. 
I have a variety of colors and size to offert ,you will find a color  and size that you like for your puppy.
All my puppies are borned in the living room  under my surpervision ( to help the mother if necessary) they receive the appropriate cares to a good psychologic and physical balance. They are treated with the utmost respect and  receive the highest quality care. They are very well educated.

They are been feed with ACANA WILD PRAIRIES NO GRAIN

They are sold vaccinated ,dewormed,check up by my veterinary ,health garanty , microchipped  for their registration  and more !!
I offer you an excellent service before and after sale, i am always free to answer your questions or only talk dogs with you.
You can see the page of each dogs in the left menu on Dams and Sires.
NB: some of  my  dogs   (male) are living with  members of my family