When my puppies are born, I  announce them here. Also
On this page I present you all the activity of  my dogs’s reproduction. If you have questions about the nursery, please contact me.
It is important to know that prices are determined by several criteria such as: gender, color, size, supply and demand. It can fluctuate in relation to one or other of these criteria. If you made a choice, please contact me to make sure that you are the ideal family for my puppy. The size of some of my dogs is so small that selection criteria is needed.
All my puppies come into the world in the lounge under my surveillance (to help mom if need), they are socialized from their first one crossed 24 hours. They are 100% natural no tail dock . Written guarantee.
They are all introduced to the cleanliness, they receive their first vaccine, vermifuges, treated advantage, health record and examination before their departure. As well as index cards advice for your new comer at the house. 

-Details on each puppy is available on their own page. Click on the description of the puppy of your choice.

Next litters

Red Queen A-Tango (confirmed) mid april in red- apricot

Amber-Tango (confirmed) mid april in red-apricot-champagne

APRIL-MAY 2020 ready in JUNE-JULY

toy/miniature TCUP/TINY TOY

in red colorapricot -BLACK AND SURPRISE