The new-born  are placed on the page of the nursery until their individual evaluation, to determine their size. The price will then be determined. To see pictures click on the name of the  puppy.

Then, the details of the babies are moved towards the ready to leave available page. If a puppy of the nursery interest you, put your name on the waiting list by sending me an email.

However, if your small treasure does not appear among the little babies and if you have particular requirements on the color, the sex or the size, put your name on the waiting list for the next litters. The faster you are on the list, more you have of chances to find exactly what you want!

Waiting list

To be in list, nothing more simple (no deposit of money is required):

Write me with your name and phone number, if you have certain requirements for the sex, the color, the size or the litter of a female in particular. I shall confirm by a return of e-mail and shall place you on my waiting list.

The waiting list will be respected according to the date of registration(inscription), to give so the 1st choice, the 2nd choice etc. to the first subscribers on puppies, once estimated at 8 weeks.

You can also send deposit ( none refundable )for reservation so you will have priority on the waiting list, its the same procedure but with a déposit.


For  tiny-toy, teacup, tiny-teacup and chinacup, every puppy will be estimated at 8-10 weeks to determine the size,  and the price will then be determined. For miniature  and toy, they will be estimated at 6-8 weeks.

After the evaluation, if a puppy fills your requirements, we shall communicate with you. If within 48 hours we did not manage to contact you, we shall pass to the following person on the list. When a puppy meets your requirements, you have to reserve him by giving a $500 deposit.

The people who have made a deposit can come to visit  before the shotto see in person the puppies . Those with no déposit will have to wait later on

The deposit is not refundable ( unless a special agreement between both parties )